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Demo Night Agenda & Presentation Plan

Good morning all,

We are super excited to see what you and your teams have created over the past week!

As a reminder, all projects must be submitted toady by 4:00pm Eastern Time.

We have asked teams to delegate one member of their team to present their project. In an effort to streamline this event we will only have the presenter for each team on the Zoom call and other teams mates can tune in on the Facebook stream. If you are the presenter for your team, please email me to get the Zoom details.

Here are some other details…

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Presentation Template

Hello Forestry Hackers!

I hope everyone is finding a groove with their projects. 

We wanted to remind everyone that each team will be given 10-minutes to present their project on Friday. While it isn't required that you use this presentation template, we STRONGLY recommend teams review it and plan to speak to each of the topics laidout when presenting:


As if you have any questions or feedback, please shoot me a note - evan.carlson@northernvermont.edu

We're looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!


Evan Carlson

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Missed the Kickoff? We recorded it for you.

If you didn't make the Future of Forestry 2020 kickoff call, no sweat, here is a link to the recording: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=631332077532404


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Hackathon Problem Statements & Kickoff


We are please to share the official problem statements for the 2020 Future of Forestry Hackathon.

The forest economy is vital to New England but the industry has been slow to adopt technology to allow it to stay competitive against other forestry markets. In a region once dependent on paper mills it is clear that we must ask what does a post-paper regional forest economy look like? Where is there opportunity for innovation that will not only be embraced by the industry but also create more value across the industry.


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More Forestry Data Sets & Mentors

More Data Sets

Our hackathon partner Whiteout Solutions is providing a number of geospatial datasets for your work this week. These will all be posted in the resource section and I will help provide a high level overview of them this evening.

The datasets provided include:

Geo Tiff images

  • Ortho Imagery(Rgb)
  • NDVI Imagery
  • Thermal Imagery
  • DSM(Digital Surface Model)

Feature Class of tree points with value, diameter and height attributes.

  • Basic Estimation: 
    • i. Harvesting Cost: $24 Per green ton for harvesting trees averaging 10.5 in DBH(Diameter at Breast Height)
    • ii. 24.384-meter hardwood tree with a 24 inches diameter can weigh as…

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Future of Forestry Hackathon Kickoff Invitation

Hey All!

Please find the information for Future of Forestry Hackathon - Kickoff Meeting below:

The webinar will start at 5:30pm Eastern Time TODAY! If you miss the call, we will post a recording after the kickoff is complete. Here is an agenda for the kickoff:

  • Opening/Introductions
  • Hackathon timeline
  • Speakers
    • Christine McGowan - Vermont Forestry Network/Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
    • Lee Burnett - Local Wood Works Maine
    • Alex Barrett - Longview Forestry
    • Emma Hanson - Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation
  • Participants Q&A
  • Mentors
  • Rules, Judging & Presentation guidelines

Join the meeting with the Zoom info below


Passcode: 626329

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More Resources & Team Confirmations

Hey All!

This morning I added some additional resources for you all to explore. We will likely post the complete datasets on Monday morning so you'll have a chance to look through them prior to the kickoff meeting. 

IMPORTANT - please confirm participation!

If you haven't already, please email me(evan.carlson@northernvermont.edu) to confirm you're either working solo or want to be paired up on a team. At this point we only have two teams confirmed.

If you have any additional question please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Count Down to the Future of Forestry Hackathon 2020

Good Morning All!

Thanks again for signing up to participate in the Future of Forestry Hackathon. We're one week away from the event kickoff and excited to have you all participating. 


When you have a moment please check the resource section on the event page where you'll find a number of links to review which will provide some background on challenges in the forestry and wood products industry. Additionally you'll find some technical resources that might be useful for the hackathon. Next Monday, Oct. 12th we will release the problem statement and other resources including sample data sets.


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