Below are some resources that will be helpful for participants to be familiar with:


Forestry Industry Resources:

Maine Local Wood Guide -

Vermont Forest Product Asset Map -

Maine Forestry Data -

Vermont Forestry Statistics -

Sawmills Database -

Vermont Harvest Reports -

Northern Forest Economy Report -

Forest Economy Assement Report -

2018 Vermont Wood Fuel Supply Study -


API & GIS Tools:

ArcGIS Developer Account -

ArcGIS Development API's -

ArcGIS Elevation API -

Free GIS Editor & Viewer -

US Forest Service Data Sets -

USDA Forestry REST Services -


Whiteout Solutions Remote Sensing Forest Parcel Data Sets & Descriptions-

Geo Tiff images

  • Ortho Imagery(Rgb)
  • NDVI Imagery
  • Thermal Imagery
  • DSM(Digital Surface Model)

Feature Class of tree points with value, diameter and height attributes.

  • Basic Estimation: 
    • i. Harvesting Cost: $24 Per green ton for harvesting trees averaging 10.5 in DBH(Diameter at Breast Height)
    • ii. 24.384-meter hardwood tree with a 24 inches diameter can weigh as much as 10 ton. 
    • iii. Ash trees with Crown Diameter 1328.57 (total) meter --- 525.717cm (DBH-level Diameter) almost equal to 210 ton
    • iv. Estimated total cost= $5040 

Parcel boundary

  • Data files are available through an arcGIS online portal available to view here:
  • Individual layers for reference with the ArcGIS API’s here: